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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  November 11, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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bargaining table... as talks resume with striking ooifrjts it's good news because i want my job back. >> back to the war ganing table as talks resume with striking workers. >> a community is in shock after a massive explosion kills two people and damages dozens of homes. . >> the bay area honors veterans and a new memorial. goodevening i'm ann notarangelo after a week o of walking picket lines, neg shay or thes for rayleighs sat down today. it's an attempt to complete the negotiations before
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thanksgiving shopping. >> a week after the employees went on strike, the two sides are back t at the bar gang table. . >> it's good news because i want my job back both sides have agreed not to discuss the negotiations openly. >> spirits are up, we don't know what's going on at the bargaining table but the workers are committed to stay out here until they have a contract. >> they say if union stores cannot compete with the rising tide of nonunion employees. the e. >> it is welcome news that at least they're talking now but i means the still carey, we're hoping sdsh scary, we hope it gets resolved soon the company is calling the benefit's package one of the best in the
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country including elimination of health plan benefits for retirees who qualify for medicare. >> that's the big thing. >> what brought them back o to the bargaining table, the holiday shopping season may be one reason. >> this is definitely one time we don't want to lose customers i would think it puts pressure on them since the others already have a contract. >> so spifrts are high, but make no mistake about it, there is still a long wie to go. a neighborhood in indianapolis picks up the pieces after a deadly explosion levels two homes. investigators say it could be weeks before they figure out what happened. susan nick glynn nis talks to
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neighbors cry crews picked through the home rumble of two homes. they're trying to determine what caused the blast. >> the house probably felt like it moved a foot or so and all we could do is get out. >> the explosion damaged at least 80 homes and dozens are damaged enough that they may have to be torn down. the fiery blast left neighbors shocked. >> i'm watching tv and the next thing you know, this loud ex-lotion mroegs, things shook. . >> about 200 people were forced to evacuate. >> this house is about a hundred feet away from the site of the explosion. it's one of the homes that caught fire. >> the house felt like tvs shaking. your chest was shaking. it just felt, it's nothing
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you've ever experienced. >> the wagners live about 300- yard frs the site of the explosion. >> people are just kind of in shock because it was such a surreal thing, no one knew what it was. >> this community is coming together. neighbors quickly stocked relief centers with food, diapers and anything people who kabt go home may need. >> tonight thousand offense people in new jersey and new york are still without elect risty. an estimate -- electricity, an estimated 120 120,000 homes and businesses are waiting for the lights cocome back on. residents and government officials say they're getting impatient with the delays. >> member offense congress are calling for more details
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involving the affair between the cia director and his biographer. >> sources say the downfall of the cia director was rooted in jealousy. the fbi uncovered evidence of an affair between him and his biographer after she sent harassing messages to another woman who broadwell thought was too close to him. the second woman is 37-year old jill kelly of the tampa area. kelly is a civilian who does work for the u.s. central command. during the time that the director was working for the unit he met kelly. he told friends had he had no romantic involvement with kelly
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and only saw her when she was with her husband. law enforcement officials say they find no evidence to refute that. and found kelly to be a victim. some close o to the director say he has told them the affair began two months after he became director and ended about four months ago. frentds say he described it as in frequent and said he never pursued her after the affair ended. >> no one is likely to face charges. there are no national security threats. >> top congressional leaders of both parties today projected a resolution of the fiscal cliff issue. if it is not taken care of tax
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cuts go into effect at the first of the year. all sides have indicated they're open to compromise but how will small businesses be affected if no compromise is reached. jeff shows us small businesses that. >> this man is scrambling to run every scenario for 20136789 (2)013-6789 he's he's the military contracts manager that does 60% of business with the u.s. defense department. >> not knowing exactly what to expect is not a business anybody wants to be in. >> the $12 million energy new jersey -- new jersey based company makes parts for defense
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systems but with the deep cuts looming, orders for the military are slowing down. >> they were supposed to order 400 o of something, so far they've ordereds 22. >> this year ux they made 9 million combat uniforms, everyone the giants depend on thousands of smaller companies. 1300 supply yes, sir built the f 35, boeings c 17 contains parts from companies in 27 states. all of it could be affected by 1.2 trillion in spending cuts when you suddenly stop that you're going to see catastrophic impacts on people's ability to survive. >> they project a loss of 1.4
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million jobs next year if this goes through. >> there is a super majority now in the legislature and that has some people worried. >> there seems to be this buzz right now that not unlike sixth graders home alone on friday night, we're going to raise every tax and then burn down the house. >> we were assured that was nots the case but with with the supermajority, democrats can soon pass bills and amend the constitution without a single republican vote. >> now we can do our job there will be less dysfunction. >> but it's tough to maintain when there are differences between the democrats. >> you have to be clever and fairly cold bloded -- blood sgld former house speaker will willy brown has some advice. >> don't stay within the
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party, go look for those five republicans who were mistreated by their leadership and they can now obviously gain favor. >> the chairman of the state republican party says conservative leaders will be spectators over the next two years. >> the economy is going to be down in two years, people are going to want answers. republicans not only need to have the answer, but they need to spend time in the districts today. >> the governor's own party has the ability override his veto and traz tax on their own. >> he e says they will scloes the loophole tax cut. >> the first tax increase, the next tax increases. >> the last time california had a super majority was in 1933 and that was it was the republicans in power.
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. >> prk marked veteran's day at arlington national cemetery. >> the president, vice president and their wives took parts many the wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown. the president noted this is the first veterans day in a decade that there were no veteran soldiers fighting in iraq. >> over the next few years, more than a million service members will transition back to civilian life. they'll take off their uniforms and take on a new and lasting roll. they will be veterans. >> the president promised vet rans the country will be there for them as they transition. >> a veteran's monument is now
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a reality. the dedication was today at castor valley memorial park that honors members from all four mel tear units. veterans raised $200 million to build the memorial and are collecting donations to maintain it now. >> san jose held the veteran a's day parade today. the opening ceremony took place in honor of the 1918 arm consist signed at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11 -month. . >> it was a beautiful day for a pradz in san francisco as the people lined up the streets for this year's veteran's day
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absolute. hundreds of veterans took part in a march down the street. san francisco mayor ed lee was there to show support. >> lots of blue skies today but now the rain and the days to expect it with the pinpoint forecast. . >> he was among millions to have fought for our freedom, the dramatic firsthand account from a bay area veteran who was at the battle of the bulge
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who risked their lives to protect our liberties. cbs 5 reporter ann makovec brins
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on this veteran ace day we're with hon norg those who risks their lives to bring us liberties. >> one night, there was a big explosion, everybody rushed to the docks and a crew ship had been torpedo. >> 89 years old herman shapiro is a world you war one veteran and remembers a night when u.s. ships were attacked in the english channel. >> bodies were floating all over and people who were still alive, if you didn't try your best, people were going to die at only 18 shapiro became a hero that night. >> i got into a row boat and started pulling people out. itwas horror, complete horror to see people like that.
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>> he was scared to go into battle but believed it was the right thing to do. >> the stories that came out of noz sooe germany naz sooe germany were horrible and being jewish, it affected me more. >> this 94-year old man served as a doctor in the philippines during world war ii and to me, either we won a war or wound up dead or slaves. >> lee leland says being a physician during the war saved his life. >> if i hadn't been in the hospital o or in ridology, i radiology i would have been in a bah tal i don't know aid
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station which would be on the front line. >> the war was still a difficult time for him, he left his pleaded guilty wife behind to serve his country. >> your wife is not there, you're half living, you're existing venlt that's what we did, we existed day by day until we could get home. >> war is hell. you never know from one second to the next herman is shapiro survived early inly two years in the war, got out and got married and has been with his wife 66 years. as for dr. leland, his wife passed away six years ago. he said veteran's day is another day, the past is his present. >> and both men will be honored tomorrow morning. >> wild fire season officially
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ended tomorrow. it will end at 8:00 tomorrow morning. cooler temperatures and rain this past week have reduced wild fire danger. >> for the first time in more than a quarter century, marine county has a winter skating center. it's believed to be be the first ice rink set up since the indoor one closed in 1985. it's been cold enough in the bay area. >> you know the plaza where the ice rink is, there is the opening on friday and one in san jose so advertise the season. . >> outside we are currently 48
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deglees san jose, san francisco, it's in the 50s. it won't be as cold tonight as it was last night due to the influx of partly cloudy skies. we will notice some increasing cloudsover night. tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy tennessee kns. an area of low pressure now, look, can you see that line where the rain changes to sleet and snow, that is a side sweep with leaving us with increasing clouds tomorrow is an and a chance of rain drops monday night. nothing meshl. look at our -- measurable. look at our morning hours, partly to cloudy skies.
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the further south you are, the more sunshine you will experience during the day and the temperatures will reflect that. around the state tomorrow, many people enjoying a holiday. upper 40s in the greater lake tahoe area, 78 in fresno. low 60s around the peninsula. 66 in mar gan hill. east of the bay, into discovery bay warmest location. and in black haushgs 58, and san francisco tops off at 60 which is still four degrees below average. this is what i mean by sun settled, once this brushes the coast, it leaves us with partly cloudy skies tuesday and then a
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second impulse comes through wednesday leaving us with possible rain showers thursday, friday and maybe going to saturday and sunday. . >> all right, rain on the way, bring it. >> thank you so much. >> a number of people are now owners of little pieces of hollywood.
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the latest james bond movie, "skyfall," had a sky-high us premiere this weekend. the d . >> the latest james bond movie had a premier this weekend. thethird installment out grossed the two pred ses source this weekend. it took in almost $88 million. one of the most famous costumes in movie history fetched top dollar at an auction. the faded blue dress warn by
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judy garland sold for $480,000 at the auction. a gold out fit worn by maryland lynn monroe. >> the raider tie a franchise record but not if in a good way. ñ ,,,,
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s. >> alex smith suffered a con suggestion concussion in the first half of the game. in the fourth quarter after a fumble, 20 yards in and the 49ers come back to take a leads. but the rams respond, bradz
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ford, two yard score the rams back up on top but there's a minute, nine left so the 49ers gooet get into field time. we go intoover time t 49ers inover time, it is no good and the game continues. early line from 58, it is way off and it ends in a 24 all tie. ravens and baltimore, ray rice lost in the end zone. 27-10 the lead at halftime. joe with flacco, wide open, the ravens win 535 to 20. you have to go back to 1962 for the last time the raiders gave up 40 or more points in back to
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back games. >> really. >> game day, 11:35. good night what are you doing there? i am making crescent bacon cheddar pinwheels. wow, i'm impressed! [ ding ]
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